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Hellride - Are, Sweden

Are, Sweden is not only the top destination for skiers in winter, it also makes the heart of mountain bikers beat faster in summer. The Scandinavians definitely know how to build bike parks - from technical singletrack, to machine build jump trails, there is something for everyone. Unlike many modern bike parks, you would be looking in vain for boring highways. The 32 routes are integrated into nature as well as possible, which prevents brake bumps from developing.

The blue trails are perfect for beginners, but even advanced riders will not be bored there. With red, the level increases, but any rider with some experience will have fun there as well. The black tracks are natural and technical trails or demanding downhill trails. In the upper part, you are guided through, and over rocks. Halfway up you will find many natural singletracks, as well as the famous Shimano jump trail. In the lowest part are the classic bike park and skills tracks.

The Hellride starts at the top when leaving the gondola and twirls down from there over wild rock formations. At the start, you have to search for the sign showing the way to the entrance, because at first sight the trail is not so easy to recognize. Further down the course, you will often ask yourself if you have not lost the trail - for the Hellride nothing was built, only the big stones were moved out of the way.

The entry starts very technically, here you need a good bike control for a clean line. After a short flat section, you roll over an edge into the middle of the action again. Here you can leave the brakes wide open again, but you should always keep caution, some edges are bigger than first expected.

A lot of electricity is needed for the operation of the gondola, It is transported from bottom to top in big plastic pipes which snake through the big stones - not the most visually appealing solution, but in the end you will be transported up the mountain with the gondola.

The lower part is initiated by two almost vertical rock faces, in which you can fly in by pre-hopping, or which can also be rolled down nicely in nose-wheelie. It looks crazy at first sight but is not so hard due to the grippy stone.


The last piece then is really steep and rough to get the rest out of the rider.

As most of you know, the truth always looks different than in a video. That you can make yourself a better picture of the track, here is a helmet cam run: