George Swift

Nelson, New Zealand 

I’m 25 years old, originally from Warkworth (North Auckland) and I started riding in 2019 on and off, as training for motocross. A year later I learned that I actually really enjoyed mountain biking so took it up over motocross.

I learnt to ride in the Dome Valley and did lots of trips to Rotorua but in Jan 2022, I moved to Nelson for better riding terrain after spending a few weekends down there. Since the move to Nelson my riding ability has improved dramatically, gaining enough points in 2022 to race the EDR for 2023, so I got to work to make it happen.

I finished runner-up at the first National Enduro champs in NZ earlier this year and I’ve now just finished the 7-round Enduro World Cup series across Tasmania and Europe. I now sit ranked 16th overall in elite female for 2023. 

I'm beyond stoked with my achievement and with knowing how it all runs now, I’m keen to go see what I can achieve in 2024. 

I love mountain biking, from the places my Firebird takes me, to the people I’ve met along the way. Everyone is just happy to be out on bikes and shares the same passion to shred. It’s awesome how easy it is to get out on your bike either for a 5km or 50km ride. You get this buzz of adrenaline which always puts a smile on my face.

Instagram: georgeswift_212