Kerr Wins Red Bull Hardline!

The week started off super dry and was off to a rad start. Some of us did timed practice, and I put down the quickest time which made me quietly confident for rest of the week ahead! After that, we had a rain day which pretty much involved everyone hanging out in a tent all day then running around a wet muddy field playing rugby...a good time was had!

Next up was more practice and Qualifying on an almost perfect track! Matt put in a solid run to come in 9th place, and I also put down a good run to qualify 1st! 

The weather had turned for finals day... after not really riding the course in the wet this year, we knew we were in for a treat. There was little-to-no visibility up top for practice due to mist and fog. We all managed to slip and slide down 2 runs of practice before the big final! Matt rode safe and steady in some of the worst visibility of the day, finishing up with a respectable 10th place! I'd felt good all week and knew what I needed to do being the last guy down the hill. In all honestly, I almost threw it away 3 times! I was pushing hard and the track was slippery! The only place I tried to ride a little safe was the rock garden before the big road gap - I think it shows a little as you see me just stall up a as I go under the tree! Luckily though, I held it together and took the win! I am so grateful to have all the support behind us to make this happen!

Thanks so much again for all the support especially after my rough season with a hand injury, it felt amazing to come back strong for the last race!

Just two more EWS races to go for Matt over the next couple weeks, and then its full off-season!

- Bernard Kerr


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