Auckland, New Zealand 

Jenna Hastings

Hey I'm David! I'm 16 years old from Auckland and absolutely love riding bikes, sharing stoke and going fast! I'm feeling so lucky to be working with Pivot NZ and be riding the Pivot Mach 4 sl, a bike that is a rocket climbing and an absolute weapon descending in the world of xc. I got into riding through friends and fell in love with the sport from the very first ride. My passion for racing started when my dad bought an e-bike and was smashing me up the hills. Of course this didn't sit right with my competitive spirit, especially when this had me at a disadvantage in a competition as sacred as a father son rivalry. This made me start training and getting faster and allowed me to finally beat my dad up climbs. That feeling of achievement and drive carried me straight over to the XC racing scene and I've never looked back! 

Some of my favourite places to ride stay close to heart in the local riding spot at Riverhead forest (I'm sure every mountain biker can relate). But it's hard to beat the hero dirt and sick trails that Whakarewarewa forest in Rotorua has to offer. I'm proud of how fast I have been progressing in the racing scene and how fast I still am but one moment I am especially proud of is qualifying and getting to race Oceania champ and World cup podium rider Anton Cooper in the whaka 100 XCE national champs. Sitting on Anton's wheel going 40 kph through tight twisty corners with my heart racing was a moment I will never forget. It was hard not to let the thought "Wow I'm racing with one of NZ mountain biking's pride and joys!" slip into my head while racing. 

My goals and plans for the future are simply to try my best and keep loving the sport that keeps giving back to me! Firstly I'll try and get to the top of the NZ scene with doing well in national races and oceania level and then with some guidance travel overseas to Europe and around the world racing at a higher level. My dream is to pull on the fern and represent NZ in an xco world champs! I'm super excited for the future and enjoying riding, racing and supporting the community through mountain biking.Can't wait to see how it all pans out! If you'd like to follow me along the journey, follow me on Instagram @david_howie_mtb to see how I'm going.