Rotorua, New Zealand 

Jenna Hastings

Rides: Firebird and eyeing up a Vault.

What got me into riding: Getting out there for adventures with my mates.

Favourite place to ride: Kataore in Rotorua is well up there as one of the best rides home in the world, as well as anywhere with long technical, natural, loamy descents that scare me just a little.

Results/Achievements: Riding in the Rotorua EWS races, at Crankworx over the years and picking up a few podiums has been great. Being around since the start of enduro in NZ and racing every single 2W with a top crew is another curious record. I’ve had plenty of battles for the top step over the years but find the most achievement in the challenge to be a better human, to rise up and deliver my peak performance on the day. That’s the buzz for me, of laying down my best, leaving nothing in the tank.

Plans for the Future: This year I want to get after some backcountry adventures, on skis, white-water kayak, gravel and MTB. It’s all the same right? Just holding an edge on natural features? I’ll report back on that one.

I often say I’m a mountain biker who happens to be a psychologist. In my real job I am Clinical Director of QE Health, a rehabilitation and wellness service in Rotorua. I am a Clinical and Neuropsychologist. We run a concussion service, persistent pain service and also do some performance work with athletes, so feel free to hit me up on any of those topics or for a ride in Rotorua.  

Instagram: @egglestonmtb