Rider: Jenna Hastings

who am I?

I’m a 15-year-old girl from Rotorua who loves to ride bikes. I’ve always ridden bikes from a young age, starting off with BMX when I was 7, then transitioning into Mountain Biking when I was 11/12.

what I do?

I love to ride my bike any chance I get and I love to race it as well. I love Downhill and I love Enduro even more!

why I love to ride?

There are a few reasons I ride my bike, the main reason because it’s so fun. It makes me feel so free and like nothing in the world can bother me. Riding makes me focus on the present and forget about everything that’s bothering me because if I take my focus off riding for one second, I say hello to the ground. My bike takes me to so many awesome places and it has introduced me and continues to introduce me to so many rad people, most of which I can call my closest friends.

which product?

The bikes I love are Pivot Firebird 29 and Pivot Phoenix 27.5.

I chose the Firebird 29 because it’s an absolute machine. The 29-inch wheels roll right over bumps and roots and roll insanely fast and that’s all essential for Enduro racing. I also like that it’s light and easy to manoeuvre and play around on, and it looks clean and fresh which is so good!

Jenna Hastings on Pivot

photo: cam mackenzie - @cammackenziephotos


Jenna Hastings on Pivot

photo: Robbie Dalziel - @robbie.dalziel

Jenna Hastings on Pivot

photo: Robbie Dalziel - @robbie.dalziel

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