Hometown: Rotorua, New Zealand
Career Highlight: 
Favourite Trail: 

I'm Jenna Hastings, I'm 18 and I LOVE to ride bikes. Bikes have always been a sort of escape from reality for me, I find it so freeing to get on your bike and go into the bush and just submerge yourself. It's such a freeing feeling and the places the bike can take you are amazing and endless.

This year my dream has come true. I left school, packed up a few shirts and my riding gear and came overseas to race my bike at downhill world cups... so far it's been the absolute best. I have been so fortunate to be picked up by Pivot Factory Racing and Bernard Kerr. I have been travelling around with him and the rest of the crew. It is pretty surreal!

My favourite Pivot at the moment is the Phoenix 29, the DH bike. I love everything about it, i can throw it around, and it rolls right over every bump on the track. it's such a dream to ride and it's taking me some pretty wicked places at the moment. 

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