Christchurch, New Zealand 

Jenna Hastings

Favourite Pivot: The Firebird, my go-to bike, my favourite bike. Rides like fire and flies like a bird. For more XC oriented riding/racing I have my Trail429. It might not be a pure XC bike, but pedals like one, but unlike pure XC it lets you be more creative in the techy stuff.

What got me into riding: Can't tell anymore what got me into riding, since it was yonks ago. But what keeps me going is the people I meet, the adventure the bike takes me on and the continual strive to improve my riding.  

My favourite places to ride: Any place where you have a blast riding is my favourite place to ride. It can be a green flow track or a wet double-black gnar. It can be an XC race, adventure ride or a bike park session. But you can't really have a bad time in Rotorua's forest, so that might be up there on my list!

APersonal Achievements: I was NZ Club Mountain Biker of the year 2020 which was pretty cool. I have managed to score a few local podiums which made me happy. And I'll be honest, I am pretty proud of being supported by Cycleways and Pivot NZ.

My plans for the future: Too many! But one that stands out for me is to go back to Cable Bay Enduro and get some redemption on that course and ride how I know I can ride. But there's going to be riding in the Czech Republic (which is where I am originally from), Whaka 100, an XC stage race (or 2), Craigieburn Enduro, and many more. And my never-ending goal is to be a better rider next year, so I'll keep working on that!