New Plymouth, New Zealand 

My name is Seppy Binsbergen I am a 15 year old Enduro and Downhill mountain biker that loves riding and competing. I am from New Plymouth and go to New Plymouth boys high school. My Instagram is I personally have always LOVED mountain biking because of the feeling going fast down the gnarliest terrain and flying through the air at what feels to be 100 miles and hour. The way I started my riding journey was through me and my mates egging each other on to do jumps which then slowly turned into more serious mountain biking. My future goals and aspirations are to one day compete in the UCI Enduro or DH professionally along side with the Pivot Factory Race Team which is my dream to be apart of one day. I currently ride a pivot firebird29 and love it. I love this bike not only for its beauty but also for its reliability.

Ever since I got my Pivot Firebird I have had nothing but improvement to my riding and confidence. My results have dramatically improved ever since I started riding this bike. So that is why I choose to ride the Firebird and would recommend it to everyone.